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Question;Regulatory TrainingResourcesDiscussion and Participation Scoring Guide.Capella Undergraduate Online Writing Center: APA Style and Format.Who is ultimately responsible for compliance in an organization? Businesses are now forced to demonstrate diligence on regulatory issues and one way they do this is through training programs. In your discussion response please address the following:Is the training manager responsible for the compliance or non-compliance of trainees after the training has occurred?To what extent is the responsibility for compliance shared between the manager who conducted the training and the employee who acknowledged successful completion of the training?What responsibility does the employee's direct supervisor have related to ensuring training compliance?Describe a situation in which an issue arose in an organization related to a lack of training compliance. This can be a situation with which you are familiar or you can conduct research in the literature base and report your findings in your response. Be sure to cite any outside resources used in your response.


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