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strayer bus309 week 3 discussions 1,2 and 3




Question;week 3 diss 1"Google Australia AdWords" Please respond to the following:As more responsibility and liability has transferred to manufacturers and suppliers over time, there has been significant debate over whether the reasonable-consumer standard, ignorant-consumer standard, or modified ignorant-consumer standard should be used to determine what advertising practices are permissible and impermissible. Assess the likelihood that a reasonable consumer would be deceived by the misleading sponsored links described in the e-Activity. Next, suggest which consumer standard you believe the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission was using when it found Google guilty of deceptive advertising practices.week 3 diss 2"Cape Cod Wind project" Please respond to the following:The Cape Cod Wind Project discussed in the e-Activity was hotly debated for nine years. Proponents and opponents of the project have appealed to economic concerns, aesthetic concerns, and the inherent value of nature. In light of these points of view, estimate the various costs and benefits that would result from implementing the Cape Cod Wind Farm.week 3 diss 3


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