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strayer bus309 week 5 discussion 1,2 and 3




Question;week 5 diss 1"CompUSA Executives Allegedly Stole Millions " Please respond to the following:The CompUSA e-Activity mentions that the Fiorentino brothers violated their "fiduciary responsibilities" to the company, which ultimately resulted in the company losing millions of dollars, however, one may question if there are ever legitimate business reasons to engage in such activities. Support or challenge the position that, at times, there are legitimate business reasons for accepting bribes or kickbacks.week 5 diss 2"Sexual Assault in the Military" Please respond to the following:o The reporter from the e-Activity concludes by stating that members of the Senate Armed Forces Committee believe, "You can't change the culture without first changing the system." Differentiate between what you believe constitutes ?the culture? of sexual harassment and what you believe constitutes ?the system? in the reporter?s statement. Defend or criticize the statement made by the Senate Armed Forces Committee.week 5 diss 3"Hoop Dreams" Please respond to the following:In the case study, George Raveling views his higher salary as justifiable because he has alternative job offers, however, advocates of comparable worth argue that employers should not make compensation decisions based entirely on market considerations. Propose the method you would use, if you were the hiring manager, to determine the compensation an employee deserves. Suggest the key criteria you would consider when determining the worth of an employee, and justify your response.


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