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GB570 Unit 6 Project Discussion: Value Chain Assessment (300-500 words max)




Question;GB570 Unit 6 Project Discussion: Value Chain Assessment (300-500 words max)NOTE: Meant for a discussion thread post. You won't need a title page. Unit 6 Project Discussion: Value Chain AssessmentThe;Unit 6 Project Discussion involves everyone in the class. Each student;will attach their Unit 5 Assessment presentation to their main;discussion response. In this project discussion, each student will share;information about their experience in completing a Value Chain;Assessment.The specific requirements for the Unit 6;Project Discussion assignment are listed below. This Discussion offers;the class an opportunity to share thoughts about how each student;assessed the effectiveness of a company?s value chain.Requirements for the Value Chain Assessment Unit 6 Discussion:In your main response, include the following:What questions did you explore?Did your expectations from Unit 2 regarding value chain effectiveness change after completing the Unit 4 and Unit 5 assignments?How did you approach completing the analysis and the assessment assignments?What resources were most helpful to you?What information did you include and why did you not include certain information?Why did you make that assessment decision?What recommendations do you have for future GB570 students?Support;your responses by applying and citing at least one relevant and;respected resource. References should be formatted using APA for both;in-text citation within the response and when listing the references at;the end of the response.


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