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BUSN Case Analysis for Jamba Juice Company




Question;These are the requeriment for this Case Analysis:Summary (Section One):Write a high level overview of the Case Study. Briefly point out the main ideas and the basic Strategic Management concepts expressed by the author(s).Case Study Questions (Section Two): Address each of the Case Study Questions in detail. Answer the questions by demonstrating the application of the concepts, principles, or theories reviewed in the Textbook or Lectures. You may discuss the Case Study?s conceptual or theoretical weaknesses and strengths. You may challenge the author?s views and you are encouraged to provide real-life alternatives to support your position.Concluding Remarks (Section Three):Write your personal conclusions. Use your creative instinct and demonstrate how well you assimilated the course materials. You may consider explaining the relevance the Case Studybrings to the course learning objectives. You may list or explain what elements you learned from the Case Study review and critique. List the immediate applications you derive from this exercise in your professional setting.References (Section Four):List your sources using APA conventions. References must be no more than 5 years old, and you must use at least 3 references from academic journals or textbooks. Internet sites are not considered academically reviewed, therefore any Internet sites on the Reference section do not count towards the 3 references but you can use them if desired.Book: Strategic Managament 6th edition New York: Mc Graw HillDess, G., Lumpkin, Eisner


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