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Question;WEEK 1 DISSCan Social Entrepreneurship Succeed? (graded)It is generally understood that social entrepreneurs are people with creative and innovative solutions for society's problems. They are possessed by their ideas and are committed to changing society for the better. Perform an Internet search to read more about social entrepreneurs at the Skoll Foundation's website. What are the risks for a social entrepreneur? Why? What are the benefits for a social entrepreneur? Why? What are the similarities and differences between business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs? Why is this important to consider and discuss? Can social entrepreneurship be successful in our capitalistic society, if so, how? Why? If not, why not? What should be changed in our capitalistic society to assist social entrepreneurs in becoming successful? Why? Would strict capitalists recommend such changes in order to accommodate social entrepreneurs? Why? How?In What Manner is Wal-Mart Influencing America? (graded)Perform an Internet search on, "Is Wal-Mart Good for America?? Read the introduction and the interviews sections of the PBS special. You can also visit Wal-Mart?s website via the course Webliography. Then let's discuss in what manner Wal-Mart is influencing America.Do Wal-Mart's business practices raise or lower our standard of living? How? Why do you think this is so?Is Wal-Mart's business strategy fair and equitable to all parties? Why or why not?WEEK 2Industrialized Versus Developing (graded)The United States is considered to be an industrialized nation because we have such a high standard of living. Countries with lower standards of living are considered to be emerging or developing nations. What factors prevent developing countries from becoming developed? Why? What are the responsibilities of industrialized nations to developing nations in this regard? Why? What are the responsibilities of businesses in industrialized nations to businesses in developing nations? Are there any? Why? Why not?International Trade or Stay Close to Home? (graded)Most of the world?s population lives outside the United States. However, many U.S. companies, especially small businesses, still do not engage in international trade. Why do you think this is the case? If you were a small business owner, would you want to engage in international trade? Why? Why not? What impact would your endeavors in international trade have on your business? Why?


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