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Question;You?ve just been promoted to be the line supervisor for Ames Awesome Candies Company. Immediately, you get a call that Finance noticed a cost variance in your department. It appears that you are consuming too few ingredients for your scheduled output. A box of Special Mixed Candies is supposed to be 140 ounces, and your annual bonus is paid on how close you manage your per/unit costs. To begin analyzing the process, you ask your fill machine operator to record the weights of 9 candy cartons each hour for the next 11 hours.Ames Awesome Candy: Sample WeightsBatchWgt. 1Wgt. 2Wgt. 3Wgt. 4Wgt. 5Wgt. 6Wgt. 7Wgt. 8Wgt. 91136.97133.6138.84142.4142.14143.98130.47137.2137.22141.78134.25133.22132.17131.63134.63135.33130.7130.73136.05136.61138.46136.74136.87136.72142.63137.7137.74137.36136.23144.81140.99146.2135.75143.73132.43132.435139.86141.12144.62137.71136.19140.33136.69140.61140.616133.02135.08132.76136.75137.89138.09136.88145.57145.577125.99135.46129.11142.99133.58147.89140.61139.61145.618141.01140.06133.26134.15140.39139.12134.76137.17137.179138.45139.92138.48134.86144.5139.68138.25140.86140.8610140.98135.8134.81141.83133.86132.62140.45140.21140.2111145.61142.98142.5138.39138.01139.56137.91134.37134.37What is UCLR?a.Less than 18.00b.Between 18.00 and 20.00c.Between 20.00 and 23.00d.Between 23.00 and 26.00QUESTION 2What is LCLR?a.Less than 0.50b.Between 0.51 and 2.00c.Between 2.01 and 3.00d.Between 3.01 and 4.50QUESTION 3All points on the R-chart are within the control limits. True FalseQUESTION 4What is UCLX?a.Less than 140.00b.Between 140.00 and 142.00c.Between 142.01 and 143.00d.Between 143.01 and 144.00e.Between 144.01 and 145.00QUESTION 5What is CLX? (i.e. X-double bar)a.Less than 135.00b.Between 135.00 and 135.99c.Between 136.00 and 136.99d.Between 137.00 and 137.99e.Between 138.00 and 138.99QUESTION 6What is LCLX?a.Less than 133.00b.Between 133.01 and 134.00c.Between 134.01 and 135.00d.Between 135.01 and 136.00e.Between 136.01 and 137.50QUESTION 7All points on the X-bar chart are within the control limits. True FalseQUESTION 8Is the candy making process considered in control?a.No. All points on the r-chart are within the control limits.b.Yes. All points on the r-chart and x-bar chart are within the control limits.c.Yes. All points on the x-bar chart are within the control limits.d.No. Not all points on the r-chart or x-bar chart are within the control limitsQUESTION 9Use the below information for the next 8 questions:The Martingale, Northern Iowa Little Theater is planning its first play for the upcoming season. However, due to illness of one of their key board members, they are behind schedule. Their President, Laura Rainwater, has used Project Management principles to lay out the task relationships, and she finds they do not have enough time to make the performance date if they follow the traditional schedule as outlined below. Laura has come up with a list of tasks, their time requirements, and their relationships. She has also begun a network diagram, but needs to know what to do next. She knows that she needs to reduce the total time by 4 weeks.ActivityDuration (weeks)Crash Time (weeks)DescriptionPreceding Activity(ies)Crashing Cost/WeekA12Select Play-B2Select Director and ProducerAC42Director/Producer Select StaffB$1,000D54Auditions for CastB$1,500E118Construct Set/Sound/LightingC$2,000F86Costumes & MakeupC,D$1,000G4Promotions/Ticket SalesDH129RehearsalsD$500I2Dress RehearsalE,F,HJ2PerformanceG,IWhat is the slack time for activity G?a.4b.10c.11d.12QUESTION 10What is the earliest start time for activity I?a.23b.27c.29d.30e.31QUESTION 11What is the latest finish time for activity D?a.19b.23c.29d.30QUESTION 12Which of the following is the critical path?a.ABDGJb.ABDFIJc.ABCEIJd.ABDHIJe.ABCFIJQUESTION 13What is the expected duration of the project?a.26 weeksb.31 weeksc.33 weeksd.35 weekse.57 weeksQUESTION 14What is the minimum completion time for the project after crashing?a.26 weeksb.29 weeksc.31 weeksd.33 weekse.35 weeksQUESTION 15What is the critical path after crashing? (i.e. The longest path for which no additional crashing is possible.)a.ABDGJb.ABDFIJc.ABCEIJd.ABDHIJe.ABCFIJQUESTION 16If Laura has a budget of only $2,000 for crashing costs, what is the shortest possible completion time?a.26 weeksb.29 weeksc.31 weeksd.33 weekse.35 weeksQUESTION 17Which one of the following best describes the critical path of a project network?a.The sequence of activities between a project?s start and finish that takes the longest time to completeb.The sequence of activities between a project?s start and finish that has the maximum amount of activity slackc.The sequence of activities between a project?s start and finish that has the minimum amount of activity slackd.Both A and Ce.Both A and BQUESTION 18Shown below is a network diagram and associated activity times for a project you are managing.What is the slack for activity G?a.Less than or equal to 5 weeksb.Greater than 5 weeks but less or equal to 10 weeksc.Greater than 10 weeks but less than or equal to 15 weeksd.Greater than 15 weeks but less than or equal to 20 weekse.Greater than 20 weeksQUESTION 19A Work Breakdown Structure ___________________?a.lists all the activities making up the higher levels of the projectb.defines the hierarchy of project tasks, subtasks, and work incompatible with the Critical Path a Gantt charte.lists the materials necessary to build the projectQUESTION 20ISO 9000 is primarily concerned with which of the following management systems?a.Environmentalb.Safetyc.Logisticsd.QualityQUESTION 21Use the following information to answer questions 21-24.Brenda Barker, VP of Supply Chain Management for Yellow Machines, Inc. was reviewing a report that detailed the companies supply chain performance. She discovered that on average, if they paid for materials on, for example, day 2 of the fiscal year, they would get paid by their direct customers who bought the product the material went into on day 20 of the fiscal year. In addition, 85 out of every 100 customer orders were delivered to their customers by the agreed upon delivery date, 7 out of every 10 orders were filled complete, on-time, and without damage, and 95 out of every 100 orders to supply chain members were electronic.The supply chain delivery performance for Yellow Machines, Inc. was?a.10%b.85%c.70%d.95%QUESTION 22The supply chain e-business performance for Yellow Machines, Inc. was?a.10%b.85%c.70%d.95%QUESTION 23The cash-to-cash cycle time for Yellow Machines, Inc. was?a.5 daysb.7 daysc.15 daysd.18 daysQUESTION 24The supply chain perfect order fulfillment performance for Yellow Machines, Inc. was?a.10%b.85%c.70%d.95%QUESTION 25Which of the following activities will reduce supply chain risk?a.Inventory reductionb.Increasing the number of suppliersc.Using overseas rather than U.S. suppliersd.Increasing safety stock amountse.B and D


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