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Strategic Quality Management (SQM) Implementation Plan




Question;We have to submit a SQM Implementation Plan.Using the following OutlineI. What is the organization of which you are the CEO--Superintendent of a school district? CEO of a hospital? Plant Manager? University president? CEO of Wal-Mart, Costco, or Dollar Tree? Etc.?II. How, and to what extent is this organization involved in and impacted by globalization? How should it be involved in globalization?III. Consensus of Leadership Team to Implement SQMIV. Assessment of Culture (Conducive to SQM? Changes Needed?)V. Assessment of Existing Improvement Initiatives (ISO 9000 or other ISO standards? TQM? SPC? Lean Manufacturing? JIT Six Sigma? Other initiative? Or some initiative that is unique to your industry or organization?)VI. Use of Strategic Management Model and its elements ? Also, how will you integrate your quality Initiative into the Strategic Management of the Organization?VII. Five P?s Strategic Leadership Model - Use (and Alignment) of Five P?s?Plan how you will use and Align 5P?s?VIII. How and why are the concept and application of ethics crucial to the implementation of a strategic quality management initiative?IX. Training (What training will you do? Who will do it? Who will receive the training? Examples are: Quality Theory and Tools, Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, Leadership, etc. You choose the type of training based on your knowledge of what you think you and your people will need.)X. Communication (How will people in your organization know you are implementing SQM, what their respective roles are, etc.?)XI. Teams (Will you have teams? What types? How will you activate them, use them, energize them for the long term, etc.?)XII. Empowerment (How will you use empowerment?)XIII. Process Documentation, Ownership, Management, and Improvement (How will you manage and streamline processes? Examples are listed.)a. List Processes and Who Owns Each on Departmental Calendarb. Develop a Checklist (Process Flowchart, Process Map, etc.) for each processc. Prioritize Processesd. Streamline Processes (e.g., Eliminate non-value-added items, etc.)e. Document Process ChangesXIV. Quality Awards (How will you use Quality Award Criteria? For what quality awards will you apply? Why?)XV. Benchmarking (Which organizations will you benchmark? Why? How will you use the results?)XVI. Measurement of SQM Success (Key performance indicators--KPI?s, etc.)XVII. How will you use the quality management and related management and business theories that you included in your individual and/or team research papers?XVIII. Lessons Learned from Successes & Failures ? How will you use successes and failures as the foundation for future success?XIX. Publicity/Visibility of Success ? How and why will you publicize successes?XX. Conclusion ? How will you ensure long-term continuous improvement in your organization?


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