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POST BUS411 UNIT 6 DISCUSSION-Unit 6 DB: Case - The U.S. Airline Industry




Question;Unit 6 Discussion:The U.S. Airline IndustryAfter reviewing chapters 9 & 10, answer the following questions on the discussion board. You must cite appropriate corporate-level strategy concepts from your readings, as well as specific real world examples, to support your answers. (At least one substantive paragraph on each question part required, plus at least two comments on classmates? posts. Copy each question with your answer.)How does consolidation improve airlines? revenues? How might it improve their costs?Are there any disadvantages to the airlines of consolidating?Why do you think Southwest Airlines is (on average) one of the most profitable of the U.S. airlines? Should it attempt to integrate with other airlines? Why or why not?How do the corporate strategies of U.S. domestic airline carriers (like JetBlue, Southwest, Frontier) contrast with the international carriers (like United Airlines, Delta, American Airlines)?


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