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Question;Question 1;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following is not directly related to W. Edwards;Deming?;Question 2;3 out of 3 points;Correct;A tool to help focus on the most significant problems is;Answer;Question 3;3 out of 3 points;Correct;A tool to help determine how a process works and what it is;supposed to do is a;Question 4;3 out of 3 points;Correct;In reference to quality cost classifications, training and;equipment design would fall in the ____ category.;Question 5;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Root cause analysis uses all of the following tools and;methods except;Question 6;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Machine down time and downgrading costs are examples of;which type of quality cost?;Question 7;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following is not one of W. Edwards Deming's 14;points?;Question 8;3 out of 3 points;Correct;In the SERVQUAL instrument for measuring service quality;the concept of assurance is associated with;Question 9;3 out of 3 points;Correct;The dpmo or epmo for a three-sigma quality level is;Question 10;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which does not fit with Six Sigma implementation?;Question 11;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following emphasizes defects per million;opportunities as a key measure of quality?;Question 12;3 out of 3 points;Correct;In applying Six Sigma to services, the four key measures of;performance include all of the following except;Question 13;3 out of 3 points;Correct;ISO 9000:2000 principles consist of all of the following;except;Question 14;3 out of 3 points;Correct;At a gas station, a diesel pump nozzle that will not fit;into a non-diesel automobile is an example of ____?;Question 15;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following is not a part of Philip Crosby's;philosophy of quality?;Question 16;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Indications in a control chart of an out-of-control;situation include all of the following except;Question 17;3 out of 3 points;Correct;To monitor the fraction of printed circuit boards that do;not pass a functional test, a(n) ____ is used.;Question 18;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which is not related to a discrete metric?;Question 19;3 out of 3 points;Correct;c-charts;Question 20;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following suggests a process that is not in;control?;Question 21;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following is not a component of a control;system?;Question 22;3 out of 3 points;Correct;The center line (p-bar) for a p-chart is 0.50 with an UCL =;0.70 and a LCL = 0.35. The results of the next eight sample means are 0.45;0.60, 0.39, 0.44, 0.48, 0.53, 0.54, and 0.61. What would you do?;Question 23;3 out of 3 points;Correct;A supplier is producing a machined part for the transmission;of your vehicle. The upper specification limit is 0.125 cm and the lower;specification limit is 0.085. The process standard deviation for the process;that makes this part is 0.008 and the process average is 0.105. What conclusion;can be drawn from these process capability data?;Question 24;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Common cause variation;Question 25;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Honda wants to monitor the number of blemishes (scratches;blisters, etc.) on the fenders of its cars using a statistical process control;chart. The most appropriate type of SPC chart is;Question 26;3 out of 3 points;Correct;If one was monitoring the average time to load a web page;the chart to use would be the;Question 27;3 out of 3 points;Correct;p-charts;Question 28;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Testing whether a computer boots up the first time is an;example of;Question 29;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following is not related to a continuous;metric?;Question 30;3 out of 3 points;Correct;If no special causes affect the output of a process, we say;that the process is ____, when special causes are present, the process is said;to be ____.


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