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Question;? Question;1;4 out of 4 points;Which of the following BEST;describes a popular financial strategy in which a company is acquired in a;transaction financed largely by debt ? eventually paid off with money generated;from the acquired company's operations or by sale of its assets?;? Question;2;4 out of 4 points;What is a corporate strategy that;cuts across divisional boundaries to build synergy across business units to;improve the competitive position of one or more business units?;? Question;3;4 out of 4 points;What is the first company to;manufacture and sell a new product or service?;? Question;4;4 out of 4 points;When Dell Computer's customers;use the Internet to design their own computers, this demonstrates which;manufacturing strategy?;? Question;5;4 out of 4 points;Which strategy has been used;successfully by Yum! Brands to establish KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants across;the globe?;? Question;6;4 out of 4 points;Which external growth strategy;was demonstrated when Procter & Gamble completely absorbed Gillette?;? Question;7;4 out of 4 points;Which strategy did Delta choose;when it acquired Northwest Airlines to obtain access to Northwest's Asian;markets?;? Question;8;4 out of 4 points;When Smith & Wesson puts its;name on others' products like men's cologne, it is using which marketing;strategy?;? Question;9;4 out of 4 points;When a firm internally makes 100%;of its key supplies and completely controls its distributors, this is known as;? Question;10;4 out of 4 points;Wal-Mart, McDonald's, and Alamo;are all examples of companies following which of Porter's competitive;strategies?;? Question;11;30 out of 30 points;What are the tradeoffs (pros and;cons) between an internal and an external growth strategy? Which approach is;best as an international strategy? Why?;? Question;12;30 out of 30 points;What is outsourcing? What are the;seven major outsourcing errors that should be avoided?


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