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Question;Unit;IV Assignment;Using;the information gathered from your SWOT analysis conducted in Unit II, create;an EFAS table for the company you researched. Use Microsoft word to create your;table. It should have five columns. The first column heading should be entitled;External Factors, the second column should be titled Weight, the third column;should be titled Rating, the fourth column should be titled Weighted Score, and;the fifth column should be titled Comments. (Refer to pages 126-127 in your;textbook for an example.);1. In;the External Factors column, list at least six opportunities you saw in the;company you researched. Underneath the opportunities, list at least six threats;you saw in the company you researched.;2. In;the Weight column, assign an importance factor to each of these issues from;0.0-1.0 (1.0 is most important, 0.0 is least important). These ratings are;based on the probable impact on a particular company?s current strategic;position. The higher the weight, the more important the factor to the current;and future success of the company. You may not be privy to the exact;information for this company, so in some cases you will need to use your best;judgment. (You will justify your weighting in column five.);MBA 5101, Strategic Management and Business;Policy;2;3. In;the Rating column assign a rating factor from 5.0-1.0 (5.0 is Outstanding, 1.0;is poor). These ratings are based on the company?s response to that particular;factor. It is a judgment call on how the company is currently dealing with each;specific factor. Once again, you may need to make an estimate in this area if;you are not privy to all of the information. (You will justify your weighting;in column five.);4. In;the Weighted Score column, multiply the weight from column 2 by the rating in;column 3 to get the factor?s weighted score.;5. In;the Comments column explain why a particular factor was selected and how its;weight and rating were estimated.;6.;At the bottom of column 4 add;the weighted scores for the external factors. Is the company doing better or;worse than others in the same industry? Complete this answer underneath your;table.;Format;your assignment using APA Style. Use your own words, and include citations and;references as needed to avoid plagiarism.


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