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CSU MBA5101 UNIT 7 ASSIGNMENT-PowerPoint Presentation




Question;Unit;VII Assignment;PowerPoint;Presentation;Review;the portion of Web Chapter A concerning new product innovation. You can access;Web Chapter A at this web address:;Then select a new product that you have been introduced to in the past 12;months. You are also welcome and encouraged to research this new product using;outside sources. You are to create a PowerPoint presentation about the;marketing strategy for this relatively new product. Your PowerPoint;presentation should include the following elements;? Slide 1: Title page;?;Slide 2:Description of the new;product;?;Slide 3:Explain which category;of innovation is emphasized.;?;Slide 4:List what;differentiates the product from the competition.;?;Slide 5: Describe the;product's target market and its demographics.;?;Slide 6: Describe the market;size and potential product demand.;?;Slide 7: Explain in which;stage of the product life cycle is the product.;?;Slide 8:Predict product demand;in five years.;?;Slide 9: List of sources;using APA guidelines


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