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DEVRY BSOP326 week 5 and 6 discussions




Question;week 5Cost of Quality (graded)Although a balanced score card is probably the way to go, most companies don't seem to have a clue about the more fundamental aspects of quality, such as the cost of quality. So let's start here. Just what do we mean when we talk about the cost of quality? What major areas does it include?Supplier Relationships (graded)An integral part of TCO 9 concerns supplier relationships. What kinds of relationships exist with suppliers? What can be done to reduce the number suppliers you use?week 6Statistical Tools (graded)Before you participate in this discussion, please review this week?s tutorial.Two tools were used by the group in the early analysis of their process. Why was it important for the group to use a histogram when they did? What could have happened if the group had not used it? Inspection and Process Evaluations (graded)Is 100% inspection good? Why or why not? What alternatives are there to 100% inspection?


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