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Question;1. (TCO F) The menu and menu;planning are the most critical elements of a restaurant. As a restaurant;director, prepare the approaches you would use in planning a menu. What;considerations would you utilize in identifying the menu items? Propose the;pricing strategies that you would use. Examine how you would determine the;pricing of menu items. Explain how you would be contributing margins in;determining your menu pricing. Would you establish standard menus? Explain why.;What factors would you consider in the design of the menu itself? (Points;40);2. 2.(TCO G) You are planning to open a;restaurant with expected sales volume of $1,500,000 per annum. You have located;an ideal location for your new restaurant venture. You are meeting with the;property managers and developers to negotiate a lease. Develop and formulate a;strategy on what you would like to have included in the lease. Defend why you;selected this strategy. (Points: 40);3. (TCO B) You have just been appointed a;general manager of a full-service, 500-room lodging operation. One of your;missions is to organize and establish a front office department. Evaluate;identify, and discuss the organization of a front office department that you will;put together. Analyze the role and duties of the key personnel who work in;the front office. Give a short job description that you would establish for the;key positions. Explore how the various personnel interact with the guest.;4. (TCO C) The general manager has;asked your team to establish a training program of how a guest room and;public areas should be cleaned, along with how they would be safe while working;in the hotel while using best practices. Write a training presentation for;your staff in cleaning a guest room. It must be detailed and precise. Your;staff will have a clear picture of what is required. Explain the critical areas;that define how they could be injured. Include federal laws that your staff;should be following. (Points: 40);5. (TCO A) You are a regional;manager for a hotel chain responsible for the initial setup of the;organizational structure of new properties. Prepare a complete review of the;departments you would set up in a full-service hotel property of 500 rooms.;Give an overview of each department in detail, how you would set;up, and the important role and duties of each. How might these;departments interact with each other? (Points: 40);6. (TCO E) You have decided to open a new;restaurant. You have located a restaurant location that meets all the site;requirements and demographics for all the site requirements and demographics;for a fast food operation. Would you consider leasing of the property? Why or;why not? What might be included in the lease agreement if you decided to lease;from the current owner? Give some specifics on typical restaurant;leases. (Points: 40);7. (TCO D) You are the general manager of;a full-service hotel. You need to set up best practices to organize and staff;your sales and marketing department. Discuss how you would set up your sales;staff. What are the responsibilities of the various members of the sales;department? Give an overview of characteristics you would like to promote and;establish in your sales department and the characteristics of your sales;people. (Points: 4


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