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GB570 Unit 5 Paper - - 2-3 pages max




Question;GB570 Unit 5 Paper - - 2-3 pages maxEnterprise TechnologiesThe;purpose of this assignment: to gain an understanding of currently used;enterprise technologies used to manage the value chain in organizations.Do internet research related to enterprise technologies.Identify an enterprise technology used in organizations today that is used to manage the value chain.Describe how your chosen enterprise technology supports value chain management and include an example.Discuss;your opinion about the value of your enterprise technology example and;if you think it appropriately addressed optimal management of the value;chain.Use;the APA formatted Microsoft Word document template as the starting;point for writing a 2-3 page paper plus title and references page.Apply;and cite at least three supportive resources from our textbook and from;the internet, within your paper and on a references page.


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