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GB570 Unit 5 PowerPoint Presentation (based on Unit 4 10-page paper)




Question;GB570 Unit 5 PowerPoint Presentation (based on Unit 4 10-page paper) 10-12 slides max (not including title slide, list of contents slide, or references slides)Value Chain Assessment PresentationThe;main purpose of this assignment is to assess a value chain for its;effectiveness. The intent is to assess the outcome of the value chain;analysis completed in unit 4.Assessing a value;chain offers management the means to evaluate existing and new strategic;opportunities. Completing an assessment of a value chain analysis;provides insights into how opportunities might be pursued while;identifying potential problems to be addressed. The point of the;assessment is to identify optimal solutions, i.e., solutions acceptable;to customers, suppliers, employees and investors.Because;value is derived from customer needs, activities that do not contribute;to meet these needs are considered non-value added waste. One;requirement when assessing a value chain is considering the tasks and;functions that occur to eliminate any non-value added waste. By;streamlining the processes that generate the goods and services that;customers value, fewer resources need to be expended and the margins;between customer value and the cost of delivery increase thereby;improving a firm?s profit margin. One of the requirements in this;assignment is to identify non-value added waste in the value chain and;recommend how to eliminate it from the value chainAnother;objective when assessing a value chain is to extend the competitive;advantage of the value delivery system, not merely to meet levels of;competitive necessity. By addressing specific value drivers, it becomes;possible to target added value towards surpassing specific customer;expectations.Using the outline below as your guide;prepare a 10-12 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, (not including;Title slide, List of Contents slide, or References slides). Use the main;slide area for the main points and the notes section for elaboration;and application and citation of at least five relevant and respected;supportive references. Not only is this presentation a graded Dropbox;assignment, it will also be shared with the class as an attachment to;your main discussion response in the Unit 6 Value Chain Assessment;Discussion.Here is a possible outline to address the requirements of the Value Chain Assessment presentation:Slide 1: Title slideSlide 2: List of Presentation?s ContentsSlide 3: Introduction (state the purpose of presentation)Slides 4 -5: Recap the Value Chain Analysis (from the Unit 4 paper)Slide 6: Recommend how to eliminate waste in the value chainSlide 7: Statement of your determination if the Value Chain is effective at this timeSlides;8-10 ? Defend your determination of effectiveness of the value chain by;including an assessment of the Value Chain?s componentsSlides 11-12 ? Recommendations and suggestions for improvement to a future Value ChainSlide 13: Summary slide ? Recap of the presentationSlide 14: References ? using APA, list all references applied and cited in the notes section of the presentation.


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