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3. Construct a balance sheet and estimate the annu...




3. Construct a balance sheet and estimate the annual take-home income of the Williams' family from the information presented below:??Checking Account Balance $2860 Credit Union Deposit $550?Credit Card Obligations 7400 Bank Loan 13800?Department Store Debt 1875 Estimated Market Value of- Home 81000?U. S. Savings Bonds 3460?Unpaid Life Insurance Premiums 625 Autos 23780?Gas and Oil Credit Card Balances 289 Furniture and Appliances 13490?Home Mortgage 68500?Mutual Fund Shares 15430 Cash Surrender Value of Life Insurance 3770?Pension Plan Assets 47995 ?Annual take-home income ?0.28 of the family?s total assets??Would you grant this family a loan of $ 10,000 to fund the purchase of new kitchen appliances and repairs to the family automobile? Why or Why not?


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