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Comprehensive Product Costing




Question;Select your favorite drink or snack;item manufactured by a publicly held company. For this product respond to the;following;Where is the product manufactured?;Given the suggested retail price of the company and using a 50% markup on price;at retail, determine the sell price to the distributor/merchandiser. Review the;company?s overall gross margin. If the product is sold direct to the consumer;you may apply the gross margin as calculated. Applying the gross margin;percentage to your product sales price, infer the cost of the product. Present;your calculations in a supporting table.;Complete the same exercise for a competitor?s product of the same type. Present;your calculations in a supporting table included in your paper.;Comment on the differences in cost between the two competitors, and assert the;reason for this difference (e.g., does the company compete on cost or;differentiation?);Apply the concept of the value chain to this product. What types of costs would;be relevant for each segment of the value chain for this product?;Research a single critical ingredient of your snack and its source. Do you;expect significant increases in the cost of this ingredient over the next year?;Support your response with input from the commodities market or other economic;data.;What are the opportunities to offset this price increase, maintain gross margin;and offer the product to consumers at the same price currently? Present your;calculations in a supporting table included in your paper.;Your paper should meet the following requirements;7-10 pages in length including supporting tables, not counting title and;reference pages.


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