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GB570 Unit 4 - Discussion Question (300 words max)




Question;GB570 Unit 4 - Discussion Question - 300 words maxTo ensure you earn maximum points, your professionally;written postings should provide substantive depth that demonstrates your;proficiency to address topics and advance the discussion at a graduate;school level. Your postings should represent your own experience and the;knowledge you have gained through learning, by communicating clearly;through the written word. Correct use of grammar, spelling, descriptive;explanations, and logical flow of thought are important in all;assignments. (Note: discussion responses are submitted to Turnitin to;confirm originality and correct citation of references).;Value Chain Analysis;When used appropriately, a value chain analysis allows a;systematic implementation of competitive strategies. A value chain;analysis identifies how each business activity contributes to the;desired competitive strategy.;What are the constraints in conducting an effective value chain analysis?What can be done to mitigate or overcome constraints?How frequently should a firm?s value chain be analyzed and why is this important?Apply and cite at least two relevant and respected;resources within the response and list the references at the end of the;response. Use APA formatting.


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