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Question;?;Activity Context;Revisit the MBA6018 Course Alignment Map;to review how all activities assist you in achieving the course competencies;and overall program outcomes.;Activity;Instruction;To complete this assessment, use the Excel;file titled Campus Crime Data, linked in Resources. This file contains two data;sheets;1. The;Campus Crime Data for Minnesota (2009?2011) page provides actual data generated;by the U.S. Department of Education's Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis;Cutting Tool.;2. The;Campus Crime Data Codebook explains the labels used in the Campus Crime Data;sheet.;Practical;Application Scenario;As a result of recent campus safety concerns;at Capella University, you have been engaged by campus security team leaders to;gather and analyze data about on-campus crime rates in schools in the state of;Minnesota. Crime data from 181 Minnesota campuses has been compiled in the;Campus Crime Data file. Write a management report for campus security team;leaders analyzing and evaluating campus crime data for Minnesota. Include your;findings and recommendations for your clients. In your report, be sure to;examine the following;3. What;crimes were most commonly committed on Minnesota campuses between 2009 and;2011? Based on the data, would you say the crime rates decreased or increased;from 2009 to 2011?;4. The;campus security leaders believe that the total crime rate in public;institutions is more than that in private institutions. They have asked you to;test that hypothesis. Describe your results.;5. Your;clients would also like you to develop a 95 percent confidence interval for the;difference in total campus crime rates between public and private institutions;in Minnesota. Report your results.;6. What;if any, ethical issues should concern you in conducting your research?;Complete your report in a Word document;(please submit a.docx file), pasting in whatever relevant tables and graphics;you need to support your findings. Place your tables and graphics within the;text and be sure to clearly title them. Your tables and graphics must be;legible and suitable for inclusion in a management report.


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