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GB570 Unit 1 paper (2-3 pages tops)




Question;GB570 Unit 1 paper - (no more than 2 to 3 pages)The Value Chain in Your LifeWrite;a (minimum two but no more than three page) paper (not including title;and reference pages) describing the value chain in your life. There is;an already APA formatted template in Doc Sharing for you to use as your starting point for this assignment.If;you use references in your paper to support your content, be sure to;apply the APA in-text reference citation format. Any item listed on the;References page must also be applied and cited within the paper. If you;use verbatim quotes, put them within quotation marks, cite the reference;and include a page number.This assignment is an;opportunity for you to relate what you learned about the value chain in;Unit 1 to your own life. For example, one element of a value chain is;the focus on competitive advantage, so you might wish to elaborate on;this aspect.


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