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GB570 Unit 3 - Discussion Question 1 (350-500 words max)




Question;GB570 Unit 3 Discussion Question 1 (350-500 words max)Competitive Advantage and the Value Chain;Write a 350-500 word response (formatted to APA style and including references and citations).;Address the following questions;Is the concept of a value chain intrinsic to all businesses and if not, why not?How does a Value Chain assist in creating competitive advantage?Can competitive advantage be achieved without a value chain?In your reply also discuss the meaning of;the comments made by Lu and Hung (2010) in their article in the Unit 3;readings i.e.? the competiveness of the individual firm depends upon the;competitiveness of the value chain to which it belongs? (p. 1155).;Is this statement valid, and is cost reduction the only purpose of a value chain?Apply and cite at least three relevant;and respected resources [one of the applied and cited references should;be the Lu and Hung (2010) article] within the response and list the;references at the end of the response. Use APA formatting.


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