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GB570 Unit 3 - Discussion Question 2 (300 words max)




Question;GB570 Unit 3 - Discussion Question 2 (300 words max) Is Outsourcing a Competitive Advantage?;The topic of outsourcing often elicits heated and often polarizing debate on its use as a basic business strategy.;Required Resource (Kaplan Library);Yaghoubi, N. M., Moradi, M.;Banihashemi, S. A. (2011). Analyzing the effect of value chain;outsourcing on productivity based on the customer and learning;perspective of the BSC Model. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, 2(10), 45-56.;Discuss circumstances when outsourcing;should be considered, and whether outsourcing will add to the;competitive advantage of a firm. Make sure to include the financial AND;human considerations that should be included in the decision process.;Apply and cite the above-required;resource plus at least two additional relevant and respected resources;within the response and list the references at the end of the response.;Use APA formatting.


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