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Question;Family BenefitsResourcesDiscussion and Participation Scoring Guide.The definition of family has changed considerably over the years. Your question for debate in this unit asks: who should be covered under these highly regulated benefits? Should the definition of family be altered or deleted when structuring benefit plans? Much of the rationale is directed at the unfair bias in benefits for traditional families versus nontraditional families. With a divorce rate hovering at 50 percent, an increase in the number of single households adopting children, and the debate over recognizing all committed partnerships, the issues are gaining more attention.For this discussion, consider:Does the current definition of family constitute an unfair bias?Should the law change?What is your opinion on this issue from a business standpoint? Cite and reference a source of support for your opinion.Caution: This is not a debate of moral values. This is a debate of policy and the law. Restrict your discussion to business-related issues.


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