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True or False The primary motive of an enterprise is to make a profit.




Question;True or FalseThe primary motive of an enterprise is to make a profit.A skunkworks is a group of people who split off from a company to use its proprietary technology and trade secrets for starting their own enterprise.More entrepreneurs are driven by opportunity than necessity.A small business that requires little investment to become operational is called an ultralight startup.After working hard and facing enormous risks, many entrepreneurs sell their business to realize a substantial profit.A service corps consists of individuals and companies in a specific business or industry organized to promote common interests.A business model defines the need a proposed business will fill as well as its operations, components, functions, and expected revenues and expenses.The Small Business Administration offers a variety of direct loans to help new businesses get started.A venture capitalist receives an ownership stake in a new business in return for its investment.Tax credits are a key tool that governments use to encourage business development in enterprise zones.The term going public refers to the launch of a company's website.Big businesses are more likely to fail than small businesses.Small businesses can fail due to problems with economies of scale.The incoming and outgoing of money in a business enterprise is called total balance of payments.


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