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Supply Chain Theory




Question;Supply Chain TheoryUtilize the simulation found at are 2 scenarios on Page 1 and Page 2. On Page 2, choose the KHBC Ad Campaign Scenario-2. Based on the weekly orders from your Retail Customers, you need to determine the weekly amount to order from KHBC. Enter the order and Advance (1 week). You can review the running status of orders and inventory in the table provided. Your goal is to minimize your backlog and your Retail Customers backlog, as well keep your inventories at a minimum.When the simulation run has ended, copy the data from the Graph to Excel and put it in the attached excel spreadsheet.After running the simulation, while you are in the simulation, select the Graph tab. then with the mouse right-click on the graph and select copy data. Then paste it into the Excel Worksheet (put the cursor in the designated cell, and do a paste), and save it. You will see that the Graph is done for you automatically.Part 1: Analyze the data you saved in the Excel file. Write about the situation and explain the results. Also explain the ordering strategy and logic.Part 2: After completing the report, need to add a section to articulate what was learned and knowledge gained.Discuss the results and how they compare with the historical Bull Whip affect. Compare the graph of your decisions to the graph of the historical bull whip. Explain your strategy and how you determined it. Explain why your results are the same or different from the historical bull whip results.


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