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Question;Google;Australia AdWords" Please respond to the following;As more responsibility and;liability has transferred to manufacturers and suppliers over time, there;has been significant debate over whether the reasonable-consumer standard;ignorant-consumer standard, or modified ignorant-consumer standard should;be used to determine what advertising practices are permissible and;impermissible. Assess the likelihood that a reasonable consumer would be;deceived by the misleading sponsored links described in the e-Activity.;Next, suggest which consumer standard you believe the Australian;Competition and Consumer Commission was using when it found Google guilty;of deceptive advertising practices."Cape Cod Wind project;Please respond to the following;?;The Cape Cod Wind Project discussed;in the e-Activity was hotly debated for nine years. Proponents and opponents of;the project have appealed to economic concerns, aesthetic concerns, and the;inherent value of nature. In light of these points of view, estimate the;various costs and benefits that would result from implementing the Cape Cod;Wind Farm."Poverty and Pollution;Please respond to the following;?;After reading the case study, predict;the effects of pollution permits on poor, less-developed areas like Brazil's;valley of death." Assess the effectiveness of incentive programs on;manufacturers in less-developed areas. Based on your assessment, provide an;argument in support of either pollution permits or incentive programs.


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