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Question;Bus;82 Home quiz 3;40;question 1 point each =40 points;Instructor: David L Lomax;Course;Name;Date;1.;A product can be anything that;a company offers to satisfy consumer needs and wants, including physical goods;services, and ideas. T F;2.;The brand name, features, and;the packaging of a product are considered part of the actual product. T F;3.;For most consumers, cell;phones, digital cameras, and dishwashers would be shopping goods. T F;4.;By definition, a(n);satisfies consumer wants and needs.;a);payable;b);product;c);survey;d);prototype;5.;At the most fundamental level;a consumer buys a product to obtain;a);status.;b);its implicit benefit.;c);a core benefit.;d);Lifestyle enhancement.;6. In the growth stage of the product life cycle, competition;a);is virtually nonexistent because competitors had enough time to;introduce their own products.;b);will begin as competing firms introduce their own versions of the;product.;c);has already become well-established, with many weaker firms;already leaving the market.;d);will spur major price cuts that dramatically cut into profits.;7. The channel of distribution refers to the actual movement of;products as they travel from the producer to the ultimate consumer. T;F;8. A selective distribution strategy involves establishing a single;retailer as the sole provider of a product in a given area. T F;9. Breakeven analysis formula requires knowledge of fixed costs and;variable costs. T F;10.;Hans owns and operates a;petroleum refinery and is considering selling gasoline door to door, the way;the milk man used to do things. What part of distribution strategy is he;dealing with?;a.;direct channel;b.;channel intermediaries;c.;channel distribution;d.;physical distribution;11. Merchant wholesalers can develop their own marketing strategies;including pricing strategies, because they;a.;have a contractual agreement with the producer that gives them the;right to opt out of normal supply chain restrictions.;b.;take legal title to the goods they help distribute.;c.;are also the producers of the goods they distribute.;d.;have a well-established brand name and consumer loyalty.;12.;Par-Tee Golf sells only;golf-related goods, but it offers a huge selection of clubs, golf bags, and accessories.;It has become the dominant seller of golf equipment in many cities. Par-Tee is;a;a.;supercenter.;b.;discount store.;c.;category killer.;d.;natural monopoly.;13.;Examples of nonstore retailers;include online retailing, direct response retailing, and;a.;exclusive distribution.;b.;physical distribution.;c.;direct selling.;d.;wheel of retailing.;14. The most basic needs required for survival, such as food and;shelter, are called physiological needs in Maslow?s hierarchy. T F;15. Skill variety is one factor that contributes to job enrichment.;T F;16. Equity theory proposes that individual rewards are based on employee;motivation and not based on individual efforts or performance. T F;17. Luella Smiley works for TechNotions, Inc. Her company has offered;her the chance to participate in some specialized training that will give her;new skills. TechNotion?s emphasis on training is likely to increase Luella?s;motivation. T F;18. One way for a company?s reorganization to be effective is to show;employees where they fit in the hierarchy and clearly communicate the purpose;of the reorganization. T F;19. Psychologist Douglas McGregor theorized that management attitudes;toward workers fall into two opposing categories, which he labeled;a);Theory A and;Theory B.;b);Theory X and;Theory Y.;c);Theory 1 and;Theory 2.;d);Theory M and;Theory F.;20.;The degree of _____ relates;directly to the source of power and control within an organization.;a);centralization;b);concentration;c);operational control;d);dispersion;21. One way human resource managers try to keep the best workers is to;offer them more flexible work arrangements. T;F;22. Because the human resources department generally attracts the best;and brightest managerial talent in most companies, human resource managers are;generally held in very high regard by others within their organizations. T F;23. HR recruiters are not concerned that 70% of adults over the age of;25 do not have a college degree. They;feel because there are so many people in search of employment that it should be;easy to fill the retiring baby boomers? vacancies. T F;24. Contingent workers are employees who do not expect regular;full-time jobs, including temporary full-time workers, independent contractors;and temporary agency or contract agency workers. T F;25.;Jazmine?s company, MarbleTech;Inc., recently won a major government contract scheduled to last six years.;Jazmine has been given the responsibility to recruit, select, and train the;workforce the company will need to complete the contract on time and within;budget. Jasmine?s efforts will require her to perform functions involved in;a);human resources management.;b);overseeing the CAD/CAM process for Marble Tech.;c);WTA management.;d);line management responsibilities.;26.;The U.S Bureau of Labor;statistics shows that only a little over _____ of adults over the age of 25;have a college degree.;a);30%;b);10%;c);55%;d);70%;27.;Which of the following laws;provided the broadest protection against discrimination by employers?;a);The Equal Pay Act of 1963;b);The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938;c);The Labor Management Reporting Act of 1959;d);The Civil Rights Act of 1964;28. An initiative in 2001 allowed members of the 12 consortium to sponsor;other research and educational organizations that did not originally qualify;for membership, so they would have access to 12 resources. T F;29.;Data are facts and figures that;have been organized in a way that makes them immediately useful to decision;makers. T F;30. One advantage of the e-marketplace is that it allows sellers and;buyers to contact and negotiate with a large number of market participants.;T F;31. Unfortunately, there is;nothing in place to allow you to diffuse spam. T F;32.;is an Internet marketing;strategy that attempts to involve customers and others not employed by the;seller in activities that promote a product.;a);Viral marketing;b);E-tailing;c);Multilevel marketing;d);Backdoor marketing;33. The Business Software Alliance estimated that the piracy rate in;China was about;a);20%;b);40%;c);60%;d);80%;34. A _____ uses hardware or software to create a barrier that prevents;unwanted messages or instructions from downloading onto a computer system, thus;making it an important tool against computer security threats;a);modular hard drive;b);pharming wall;c);firewall;d);file management system;35.;Immediate predecessors are;activities in a project that are independent of any other project activities;and thus have no effect on when these other activities are performed.;T;F;36.;Firms that have demands that;fluctuate significantly depending on the season may temporarily hold large;inventories in order to smooth out their production schedules. T F;37.;Every year around Christmas;time Rebecca?s fruit cake company finds it hard to keep up with their;customer?s orders. Rebecca?s employees make plenty of fruit cakes, but they;cannot package them fast enough for shipment. In order to increase production;and meet her customer?s demand Rebecca should consider using some form of;automation to package the fruit cakes. T;F;38.;ISO 14000 is a new computer;training program designed to instruct operations managers on how to face;different environmental challenges. T;F;39.;As the owner of a small;manufacturing company that employs several workers, you are considering moving;your business to a new area. One major;concern you might have is _____ in the new area.;a);locating close to the market;b);availability of labor;c);the number of professional sports teams;d);changing your suppliers to one?s located;40.;Which statement about robots is;false?;a);Robots perform jobs humans find dangerous or physically demanding.;b);Robots do not tire, eat, or sleep.;c);Robots are capable of manipulating materials, but they currently;lack the ability to perform tasks that require them to ?feel? or ?hear?.;d);Robots are flexible and reprogrammable, so they can perform a;variety of tasks..


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