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CSU BBA4226 unit VI and VII Project




Question;Unit;VI Mini Project;Planning;For the Future;As;part of their career services department, a local career college has asked you;a seasoned insurance agent, to put together a PowerPoint presentation for the;students. The majority of these students are single moms in their late;twenties, early thirties. The Career Services Manager wants you to emphasize;the importance of planning for the future. Your presentation should include;?;Differentiation between term;life insurance, whole life insurance, and annuities with an explanation of the;pros and cons of all three.;?;Importance of estate planning;to everyone.;?;How taxation affects life;insurance benefits.;?;Discussion of the flexible;investment options available with variable life insurance policies, and how to;calculate the amount of life insurance needed.;?;Research on three other;points that your ?students? will need to know when making decision about their;future money and insurance needs. Be thorough in your explanation about why;these points are important.;Your PowerPoint presentation;should include at least 10 slides, not including the title slide and reference;slide. Make sure to cite all sources used including your textbook. Save your;presentation as a PDF file and submit your assignment to your professor.;Unit;VII Mini Project;Planning;For the Future (Part II);This assignment picks up from;where your assignment in Unit VI left off. Using your Unit VI assignment, add;an additional section to your PowerPoint presentation. In this new section;include;?;The basic features of a life;insurance contract and their purpose.;?;Definitions of insured, the;owner, and the beneficiary.;?;Explanation of the insured?s;rights when ending a cash value life insurance policy.;?;Explanation of the effect of;an insured?s suicide on the insurer?s duty to pay proceeds.;?;Description of the insured?s right to borrow;a policy?s cash value.;BBA 4226;Risk Management;3;?;The five different ways a beneficiary may;take proceeds after the insured?s death.;?;Explanation of extra-cost;options and why some are more valuable than others.;This;new section should include at least 10 more slides. Make sure to update your;reference slide to include any additional resources. Save the entire file as a;PDF and submit your assignment to your professor.


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