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Kaplan Mt499 unit 5 assignment




Question;Please watch the technology video listed as Unit 5 Assignment video;found in the Webliography tab;;(at the top of your course page) before starting your assigned paper.;This assignment focuses on information management.;In a four to five page paper, address the following areas;? Please explain how you will be;utilizing technology to make your business more effective;and efficient.;? Explore the cloud technology;concept.;? Discuss the importance of;information technology planning and control processes to protect;confidential information and prevent major loss of information.;This section should address but not be limited to the following items;- Software packages you will use;- Networks- Internal/External- Cloud technology;- Hardware (PC/Laptop/Printer etc.);- Email/Instant messaging programs;- Web Site;- Disaster Recovery Plan;Assignment checklist;? Determine the information technology;used in the business.;? Develop the information technology;plan for managing and controlling information.;? Evaluate your plan for managing and;controlling information.;? There are weaknesses in every plan.;Make sure to point out any weaknesses and;explain how you will address them.


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