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List and explain 3 objectives that you have as a developer during the interface




Question;Answer all;questions. Guideline length: 2 pages per question, single spaced. Please cite;any references you use in your answers.;Q1: List and explain 3 objectives that you;have as a developer during the interface design process, and how you would go;about achieving them.;Q2: Your boss has;been to a trade show and decided the company needs to move as many systems as;possible to ?the cloud? to ?save money?. Describe the important characteristics;of hosting data and applications in the cloud, and what kind of factors would;influence whether this is a good idea or not.;Q3. Your new boss;proposes buying a packaged solution for inventory management that is stand;alone (i.e. it would not integrate with other systems, at least initially). The;software is established, very popular, and free (open source). Your boss wants;it implemented immediately. How would you go about testing and installation of;this system?;Q4: You are;considering outsourcing the help desk support for a key application system.;Explain some of issues involved in this decision.


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