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Question;Bus375 final exam;Final;Exam Part 1;Question 1;Smoothing out project resources from period to period is called;Answer;Resource;leveling;Resource;allocation or resource limited planning;Better effort;planning;Slack;utilization planning;Question;2;Which of the following scheduling techniques is most appropriate;today for managing a project?;Answer;BAR charts;Milestone;charts;PERT charts;Precedence;charts;Question;3;The major disadvantage of using a bar chart on large projects is;that bar charts;Answer;Cannot;identify critical paths;Do not show;dependencies between activities;Cannot;identify milestones;Cannot show;slack;Question;4;Laying out a network diagram when you know before-hand the size;of the available resource pool is called;Answer;Resource;leveling;Resource;allocation or resource limited planning;Better effort;planning;Slack;utilization planning;Question;5;Activities with zero time durations are called;Answer;Low-slack;activities;No-slack;activities;Dummy;activities;Special;activities;Question;6;If the slack in a 12 week activity is 6 weeks and ES = 4, then;LF = _____.;Answer;4;10;16;22;Question;7;Which of the following schedule compression techniques usually;requires adding more resources to each work package that is being compressed?;Answer;Overtime;Crashing;Outsourcing;Descoping;Question;8;A charting technique designed to illustrate the inductive and;deductive reasoning necessary to achieve some objective is called a;Diagram / network;Answer;Gantt;Logic;Descriptive;Intuition;Question 9;Which of the following is normally not one of the three critical;parameters provided in information reporting to the customer?;Answer;Time;Cost;Performance;Risks;Question;10;Which type of chart provides the least ?predictive? value?;Answer;Bar chart;PERT;ADM;PDM;Question;11;When a functional manager tells you that your project is 10%;more difficult than the standard project, the functional manager is providing;you with a _____ estimate.;Answer;Parametric;Analogy;Engineering;Grassroots;Question;12;Which of the following projects would most likely have;reasonably good estimating techniques?;Answer;Construction;R & D;Software;development;New product;development;Question;13;An employee earning $40/hour works in a department where the;overhead is 125%. A billable or charge back hour to this department would be;Answer;$ 40;$ 50;$ 90;$ 100;4 points;Question 14;Which of the following is generally not part of capital;budgeting?;Answer;Life cycle;cost estimating;Net present;value;Internal rate;of return;Discounted;cash flow;Question 15;Which of the following standard project estimating techniques is;usually accomplished in weeks?;Answer;Parametric;Analogy;Engineering;Grassroots;Question;16;Material provided in a proposal to justify one?s estimates are;called;Answer;Supporting;pricing;Back-up data;Risk;justification;Proprietary;pricing;Which of the following components of life cycle costing incurs;the largest cost?;Answer;R & D;Production;Operational;and Support;Disposal;Question 18;Pricing out the construction cost of a home by a cost per square;foot would be representative of a _____ estimate.;Answer;Parametric;Analogy;Engineering;Grassroots;Question;19;The person or group with greatest ability to influence cost at;project initiation is;Answer;The;customer/owner;The project;manager;The project;team;The users;Question;20;Variance envelopes are usually established because;Answer;All cost;variances must be accounted for and explained;Not all cost;variances must be explained even though they exist;All schedule;variances must be explained;All cost;overruns require sponsor authorization;Question;21;Work that does not lend itself to subdivision into discrete;scheduled increments of work, such as project support, is called;Answer;Measurable;effort;Level of;effort;Discrete;estimates;Work package;effort;Question;22;A common cause for a favorable CV but unfavorable SV might be;Answer;Too many;workers on the project;Too few;workers on the project;Crashing the;project;Use of;overtime;Question;23;The form that is used to establish charge numbers is the;Answer;Responsibility;Assignment matrix;Work;authorization form;Work package;Cost account change;notice;Question;24;If the schedule variance is positive and the cost variance is;negative, the project?s status is;Answer;Over budget;and behind schedule;Over budget and;ahead of schedule;Under budget;and behind schedule;Under budget;and ahead of schedule;Question 25;The best method to price out a work package is to use the;Answer;Average;departmental labor rate;Average pay;grade labor rate;Actual salary;of the workers assuming they are known;Statistical;data from the Payroll Department;Final;Exam Part 2;Question;1;Which of the following is normally not one of the three;parameters considered during tradeoffs?;Answer;Time;Cost;Performance;Financial;risks;Question 2;Which of the following generally gets reduced during tradeoffs?;Answer;Time;Cost;Performance;Financial;risks;Question;3;Assigning high, medium or low to a potential risk is part of;Answer;Risk;identification;Quantitative;risk assessment;Qualitative;risk assessment;Risk response;Question;4;Brainstorming, assumption analysis and WBS decomposition are;techniques used for;Answer;Risk;identification;Risk;assessment;Risk;monitoring and control;Risk handling;Question 5;Which of the following is not considered to be an insurable;risk?;Answer;Direct;property damage;Indirect;consequential loss;Legal;liability;Inflation;Question 6;If a project manager awardsa firm-fixed price contract to a;supplier, he / she is using;Answer;Acceptance/Assumption;Avoidance;Control/mitigation;Transfer;Question;7;Monte Carlo simulation is a technique used as part of;Answer;Risk;identification;Risk;assessment;Risk;monitoring and control;Risk handling;Question 8;Which risk handling mode is a project manager using if he /;she throws out one of three designs for a new product?;Answer;Acceptance/Assumption;Avoidance;Control/mitigation;Transfer;Question;9;A technique that uses a series of probability distributions and;then transforms them into various risks is called;Answer;Probability;estimating;Monte Carlo;simulation;Estimating;simulation;Black box;analysis;Question;10;If a project manager believes in a proactive rather than;reactive risk management approach, he/she is using;Answer;Acceptance/Assumption;Avoidance;Control/mitigation;Transfer;Question 11;An intentional relinquishment of a legal right is a (n);Answer;Infringement;Breach of;contract;Waiver;Termination;liability;Question 12;The type of contract where all of the seller?s costs are;reimbursed and the seller will also receive a percentage of the profit pool;based upon how well the buyer likes the end result is a _____ contract.;Answer;Cost-sharing;Cost-plus-award-fee;Cost-plus-fixed-fee;Cost-plus-incentive-fee;Question 13;?Hygiene Factors? refers to;Answer;How a;contractor should respond to an RFP;The type of proposal;expected by the seller;How and where;contract negotiations will take place;How many;bidder conferences will be held;Question;14;Which of the following is generally not included in a;solicitation package?;Answer;Listing of;qualified vendors;Past bidding;history of qualified vendors;How changes;will be managed;Supplier;payment plan;Question;14;Which of the following is generally not included in a;solicitation package?;Answer;Listing of;qualified vendors;Past bidding;history of qualified vendors;How changes;will be managed;Supplier;payment plan;Question;15;During contract negotiations, the goal of the buyer is to;Answer;Get the seller;to accept the greatest risk;Get the;highest quality result for the lowest price;Get the seller;to agree to scope changes at no cost to the buyer;Try to get the;least amount of work done at the lowest price;Question 16;Which type of cost-plus contract provides the seller with a;guaranteed dollar-value profit rather than as a percentage?;Answer;Cost-sharing;Cost-plus-award-fee;Cost-plus-fixed-fee;Cost-plus-incentive-fee;Question;17;Billing the cost of repairs against a financially closed out;project is called _____.;Answer;Back charging;Refinancing;Order of;precedence;Arbitration;4 points;Question;18;Which of the following is generally not part of ?Conducting the;Procurements??;Answer;Perform a;make-or-buy analysis;Confirm;qualified sources;Review past;performance of sources;Produce a;solicitation package;Question;19;Acceptance sampling is a statistical process for evaluating a;portion of lot for the purpose of;Answer;Measuring the;weight of each sample;Measuring the;length and width of each sample;Measuring the;volume of each sample;Acceptance or;rejection of the entire lot;Question;20;The cause and effect chart is used to _____.;Answer;Identify a;problem;Determine its;cause;Prioritize a;solution;Decide upon a;course of action;Question;21;Design of experiments is attributed to;Answer;Deming;Juran;Crosby;Taguchi;Question;22;Which of the following is not one of the four categories of the;cost of quality?;Answer;Prevention;Identification;Internal;failures;External;failures;Question;23;The collective term for the activities and techniques within the;overall process is called;Answer;Quality;control;Quality;assurance;Quality;policies;Quality;visions;Question;24;The balance between quality and cost is called;Answer;Salability;Produceability;Operability;Availability;Question;25;The fact that random variation is always present in any process;is called;Answer;Common cause;variability;Special cause;variability;Assignable;cause variability;Control limit;variability;Question;25;The fact that random variation is always present in any process;is called;Answer;Common cause;variability;Special cause;variability;Assignable;cause variability;Control limit;variability


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