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Question;1.0Primary Research;In this part, you will need to describe the primary research you did to;ensure that there would be a market for your product. It is likely that there;would be a graphic to show the results, with comments. Make sure that you put a;copy of this research tool in the Appendix, and refer to it in the body of the;text.;2.0Location of the Business Premises;In;this part you will need to describe where you would locate your business and;why.;3.0Management Structure;In;this part, you should consider the structure you would use in your business. It;may be that the initial structure would be very different for a later one.;4.0Motivating Staff;In this part;describe how you feel you would be able to motivate your staff.;5.0 Managing Across Cultures;It is;likely that your business will employ staff from outside the UAE, consider how;you will manage this staff.;6.0 Women in Business;In this part, you will need to consider whether you consider there is a;role for women in your business.;7.0 Sectors;of the Economy;As this is a manufacturing;business, you will need to describe how you would deal with each sector;primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary.;8.0;Production Strategies;In this part, you should;consider the logistics strategies you will use ? push strategy / pull strategy?;Also consider the quality control.;9.0 Product Recognition: Logo and Slogan;In this part;describe how you would brand your product and why. Make sure that you include a;copy of your logo, either in the body of the report or the appendix. If it is;in the Appendix, refer to it in the body of the text.;10.0 Marketing;Describe;how you would market your product. What is your target group?;11.0 Conclusion;Reflect on;how ? if at all ? this project could be of use in your business career


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