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Harbor Printing Database Project




Question;Project;Overview;Please go through the stages of project;management and knowledge areas (i.e. the project scope, project time, project;cost, project resources, project communications, project risk, project;procurement, and project stakeholder) for a case study given to you. Use the MS;Project 2010 management system for the project.;Harbor Printing Database Project;Harbor;Printing,impressed with your DBMS knowledge and;skills, has decided to hire you as a project manager to direct this project.;They want you to design and build a database system to keep track of the;information about their printing products.;You met with their CEO and here are your;interview notes;Harbor Printing is a specialty printing;company. We print the foil lids for yogurt, jams, and other food products. Our;industry has many regulations and standards that require diligence and care in;the type of ink, handling, and packaging of the food products. Harbor Printing;prints the food package and then ships the product to the food manufacturer. We;do not package the food.;WeWWewe We want to create a;project to establish a database of customer?s electronic artwork, previous;print jobs, and statistics on each print job they ran. The goal of the database;project is to allow the company to electronically retrieve a customer?s artwork;to make revisions, offer new prices, and to electronically archive the artwork;for future business.The;project deliverable should allow Harbor Printing to offer faster turnaround;times on orders. Llate;Jan;Elbert, a program manager, worked with the project stakeholders to determine;the project objectives and then prioritize the project requirements. You later;met her and she told you that the project was scheduled to finish in 3 months;and had a budget of $100,000.You;also learned from the sales manager, Tom Whitson that he wanted the database to;provide more sales automation for repeat customers while Gary Yung, the manager;of prepress wanted his designers to be able to retrieve artwork for fast;development;Harbor;Printing management would not allow the project to launch until the project;integration management plan developed. This requires you to present this plan extensively;to the project stakeholders.;As the project;manager to direct this project, you need prepare a detail report, as outlined;below.Please include an;electronic copy all files from MS Project and a Word document.;Final Integrated Project Outline;1.;Executive Summary (1 page);2.;Introduction (2nd Ed. pages 66-68);or (3rd Ed. page 67-69);3.;Project charter;4.;Project scope;5.;Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (2nd;Ed. pages162-163) or (3rd Ed. page 172-173);6.;Project time including Gantt and network;diagrams (2nd Ed. pages 318-320) or (3rd Ed. page 344-346);7.;Project costs (2nd Ed. pages;256-257) or (3rd Ed. page 275-276);8.;Project quality;9.;Project human resources requirement (2nd;Ed. page 378) (3rd Ed. page 408);10.;Project communications including outline for;monthly progress reports;11.;Project risks (2nd Ed. pages 224-225);or (3rd Ed. page 240-241);12.;Project stakeholder management;13.;Conclusion;14.;References (the text book plus minimum 3 references);?;Text: Pinto, Jeffrey, Project;Management: Achieving Competitve Advantage, 2nd Edition, Prentice-Hall, 2010. (ISBN 13;978-0-13-606561-6)


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