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Question;Module 1 Discussion;Question 1;Class;What are 3 advantages of studying and learning;about international business?;Module 2 Discussion;Question 1;Class;What makes up culture and how can this affect;domestic and international relations?;Module 3 Discussion;Question 1;Class;What are the origins of political risk and how;can management reduce these risks?;Module 4 Discussion Question 1;Class;What are millenium development goals and how;would these impact international trade and success?;Module 5 Discussion;Question 1;Class;Describe worldwide patterns of FDI and the;reasons for these patterns and related management issues.;Module 6 Discussion Question 1;Class, What are some keys to;attaining international success and opportunity?;Module 7 Discussion;Question 1;Class;What are some of the most;important elements for market entry?;Module 8 Discussion;Question 1;Class;What are 3 things that you have learned that you;will apply in the future?


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