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Question;Question 1;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Talk of justice and injustice appeals to the related notions;of;Question 2;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Rawls rejects utilitarianism because;Question 3;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Question 4;5 out of 5 points;Correct;John Rawls? Theory of Justice lays within which type of;tradition?;Question 5;5 out of 5 points;Correct;According to libertarianism;Question 6;5 out of 5 points;Correct;According to Mill's utilitarianism;Question 7;5 out of 5 points;Correct;According to John Rawls, people in "the original;position" choose the principles of justice on the basis of;Question 8;5 out of 5 points;Correct;The Supreme Court gave decision making power for Eminent;domain to the;Question 9;5 out of 5 points;Correct;The veil of ignorance assures us that people in the original;position will be;Question 10;5 out of 5 points;Correct;According to Locke;Question 11;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Aristotle's formal principle of justice states;Question 12;5 out of 5 points;Correct;In Anarchy, State and Utopia, Robert Nozick advocates;Question 13;5 out of 5 points;Correct;To the libertarians, their concept of liberty includes a;commitment to;Question 14;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Eminent domain is the ancient right of government to take;what from an individual?;Question 15;5 out of 5 points;Correct;According to John Rawls,.


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