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strayer bus375 week 9 discussions 1 AND 2




Question;WEEK 9"Risk Response Matching" Please respond to the following:*From the scenario, examine two (2) types of risk responses using the Kerzner text as a guide. Using your own experiences or conceptualizing a national project, describe when each risk response would be appropriate. Support your response and rationale with real-world examples.*From the e-Activities, determine the essential trade-off problems of projects today that have competing constraints. Include such topics as quality, image, risk, reputation, goodwill, and legal liability in your determination. Support your response and rationale with real-world examples.WEEK 9 DISS 2"Risk Implementation Considerations" Please respond to the following:*Compare and contrast the following risk assessment methodologies: (a) the Delphi technique, (b) sensitivity analysis, and (c) Monte Carlo simulation. Provide a rationale for your response.


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