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strayer bus599 week 1 and 2 discussion




Question;week 1"Staples" Please respond to the following:From the case study, determine Staples? competitive advantage and its current business model. Next, use a brief SWOT analysis to analyze the primary way in which the company executes a strategy for growth based on its SWOT analysis.From the case study, recommend one (1) future strategy for Staples geared toward delivering better customer service. Next, demonstrate the fundamental manner in which the strategy you recommended could successfully change the shopping experience for the customer.week 2"Apple's New Strategy" Please respond to the following:From the e-Activity, evaluate the level of success of Apple?s current competitive strategy. Next, suggest one (1) new innovation strategy for Apple geared toward maintaining an edge in the industry. Provide a rationale for your suggestion.Using Porter?s Five Forces Model located in Chapter 2 of your textbook, assess Apple?s strengths and weaknesses of each dimension of the model in comparison with those of Samsung, Apple?s strongest competitor. Justify your response by utilizing at least one (1) example based on customer focus.


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