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Kaplan MT499 unit 7 assignment




Question;Please;watch the video on cash flow listed as Unit 7 Assignment found in the;Webliography tab before starting your assigned paper.;This;is a two part written project that will focus on the financial aspects of your;start up business. This project also includes the use of Excel spreadsheets;containing financial data and required reports.;In part 1;In;three to four pages, using Microsoft Word, along with accompanying Excel;spreadsheet data, address the following areas;?;Discuss and show the cost;associated with starting your company and show a pricing model for your;products or services (create a table in Excel).;?;Create income statements and balance sheets;for three years using Excel spreadsheets.;?;Create a break-even analysis (create in;Excel).;Use;Microsoft Word to create a financial summary containing needed start-up funds;and how you will obtain the start-up funds, pricing model, and summarize your;financial spreadsheet data. Develop a detailed Excel spreadsheet for the;financial data (use separate worksheets in Excel for more organization).;In part 2;In three to four;pages using Microsoft Word address the flowing areas;Identify the;components needed in cash flow statements.;Explain;the benefits of cash-flow analysis and any problems that could arise if it is;not conducted.;Last, use Excel or;other spreadsheet software to create cash flow statements for three years.;Please include this information in your Part 1 Excel file.;When;you are ready, you may submit your paper and Excel file on the Dropbox page.;*Note, include your name in the file names of the Assignment.;Grading Rubric;Aspect;Percentage;Score;MT499;Assignment Criteria;of;assignment;Content;50%;Paper addresses all assignment;requirements, indicates depth of;Focus;Use;knowledge;about the topics and key areas, contains a clear and;of;concise introduction with a thesis;statement, comprehension;body of paper, closing summary, and;includes a minimum of;Research;three;cited and referenced resources (APA 6th;edition).;Analysis;30%;Analysis and critical thinking indicates;optimal reasoning with a;and;Critical;defined;purpose, based on assumptions, writer?s point of view;Thinking;discusses the advantages and disadvantages;and uses data;information;and concepts/ideas to address the assignment topics;or key;areas in the paper.;Writing;20%;The capstone uses the APA (6th;edition) writing style using active;Style;voice;which is in third person and concisely written. The paper is;Grammar;free from incorrect punctuation, use of;jargon/clich?s, incorrect;grammar and mechanics, and is correctly;formatted based on;APA;APA 6th edition;guidelines.;Format;Total;100%;Points


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