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You have reached the final stage for your new product




Question;You have reached the final stage for your new product?its launch. For Part 4 you are to develop a new product concept and research the demand, proposed product attributes, and other factors that will determine the viability of the product, and to make recommendations for the development, testing, and commercial launch of the product.For Part 4, Product Launch Plan, you are to set out a detailed plan for getting your new product into the market. Remember, a launch plan is usually reiterative, that is, you will be planning for revising the plan as you get information from each stage of the launch process. It is a tool for managing the process.Be sure your launch plan is detailed and contains plans for contingencies.Part 4 should be about 3?5 pages and may be presented in whatever form you think best. Submit it as part of the complete four-part presentation with any supporting materials you think useful to your mentor by the due date.


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