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Assignment 8.1: Case Analysis: Changing Structure at P&G




Question;Assignment 8.1: Case Analysis: Changing Structure at P&GIn this final case analysis, you will have an opportunity to explore an organization's approach to changing its organizational structure away from its previous regional structure. You will find management in the middle of implementing the change and wondering if this approach was such a good idea after all. In this case, the organization working on this change effort is the consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble.Procedure1.Read ?Revamping Procter & Gamble: Organization 2005,? case 17-1, on page 595 of Global Marketing Management (text).2.Research business news and the P&G website as you see fit.3.Answer the following questions:a.What advantages does a regional divisional structure have in this case? What disadvantages are likely?b.What led the P&G management to the conclusion that a global product-based structure would be the right structure going forward?c.What is your assessment of ?Organization 2005?? Is it the right approach? Why or why not?d.What is happening in terms of organizational structure at P&G now?


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