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Assignment 8.3: Reflection and Integration




Question;Assignment 8.3: Reflection and IntegrationThis final assignment is an opportunity for you to look at your learning process in this course and to integrate it with your professional context.Procedure1.Read the article ? Midsize Companies Going Global ? But not too Global.? [Jones e-global library?: ProQuest]2.Answer the following questions in the course Forum (please make the first submission by Wednesday):a.How are you responding differently to the article, compared to how you might have thought about it at the beginning of this course?b.What new insights are you taking with you from the experience of the course project?c.Which knowledge or skills from this module are you most likely to apply in your work?d.What impact might the ?emerging themes? (see Theme 3) have on you professionally?3.Respond to your peers' postings, and any questions that are directed to you.


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