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Quality Control Assignment part A and Part B




Question;Quality Control AssignmentPart;A;Today?s;business arenas are extremely competitive nationally and internationally.;Please thoughtfully consider the following statements and provide answers;supported from information in your textbook and include at least one outside;source with appropriate citations.;1. Support;a leadership impact ideology for TQ implementation by synthesizing the;processes necessary to provide an organization with a TQ paradigm.;2. Assess;three (3) characteristics that contribute to a TQ organization by prioritizing;the steps necessary to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace using;TQ methodology.;3. Evaluate;how you, as a manger, would integrate three (3) specific leadership initiative;tools to provide your company with a TQ organization.;Part;B;One;of the philosophies mentioned in your text includes the strategy of Plan, Do;Check, and Act. Please keep this philosophy in mind when considering the;information required below.;1. Discuss;the premise of TQ. Then, Design a TQ initiative for your company outlining;steps that will provide internal and external support for your initiative.;2. Plan;a team meeting with your managers and elaborate how together you will;disseminate this plan to the entire company.;3. Evaluate;the impact of your meeting and the launching of your TQ plan, including two (2);strengths and two (2) weaknesses of the plan.


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