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Question;Question 1;5 out of 5 points;Correct;When an employee?s interests are likely to interfere with;the employee?s ability to exercise proper judgment on behalf of the;organization, what exists?;Question 2;5 out of 5 points;Correct;A whistle-blower;Question 3;5 out of 5 points;Correct;To resolve difficult moral dilemmas, the better we;understand the exact ramifications of the alternatives?the more likely we are;Question 4;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Insider trading is;Question 5;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Whistle-blowers are only human beings, not saints, and they;sometimes have their own;Question 6;5 out of 5 points;Correct;In the 1997 case of U.S. v. Hagan, the Supreme Court found;that Hagan;Question 7;0 out of 5 points;Incorrect;The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA);Question 8;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Inside traders ordinarily defend their actions by claiming;that they don?t injure;Question 9;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Shaw and Barry mention three arguments for legally;protecting trade secrets. Which of these is one of them?;Question 10;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Conflicts of interest may exist when employees have;financial investments;Question 11;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Conflicts of interest;Question 12;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Whistle-blowing involves exposing activities that are;Question 13;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Some writers deny that employees have any obligation of;loyalty to the company, because;companies are not the kind of things that are properly;objects of loyalty.;Question 14;5 out of 5 points;Correct;The use of one?s official position for what always raises;moral concerns and questions?;Question 15;5 out of 5 points;Correct;Which act provides sweeping new legal protection for;employees who report possible securities fraud, making it unlawful for;companies to ?discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or in any other;manner discriminate against? them?


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