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GB570: Managing the Value Chain UNIT 2 ASSIGNMENT




Question;GB570 Unit 2 Assignment: Target Corporation?s Supply ChainThe;purpose of this assignment is to confirm understanding of a supply;chain and its relationship to the demand chain by analyzing Target;Corporation?s supply chain and assessing if it meets demand chain;expectations.DirectionsUse the APA formatted Microsoft Word document template in Doc Sharing as the starting point.Write;a 5-6 page paper (exclusive of the Title and References pages);describing Target Corporation?s Supply Chain based upon the information;in Chapters 6 and 7 of the Walters and Rainbird (2007 textbook;(especially Figure 6.2 on page 155) and from additional resources from;the Unit 2 reading materials.Include an assessment of the efficiency of Target?s supply chain and whether the Supply Chain supports its Demand Chain.Apply and cite at least;three supportive, relevant and respected resources within your paper;using APA in-text citation formatting and list the applied on a;References page using APA formatting.


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