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GB570 Unit 2 Project Discussion (Important assignment info attached)




Question;GB570 Unit 2 Project Discussion (Important assignment info attached)NOTE: This is meant to post in a discussion forum. Stick to around 300 words max. Assignment Description: Individual Project Discussion: Value Chain AnalysisThe;Unit 2 Project Discussion involves everyone in the class. Each student;will post their choice of the company they will analyze and assess.;Select one company from a predefined list of choices as described below.;In this discussion, each student will share information, about their;choice and about the potential resources that might be used to achieve;requirements described in the Unit 4 Individual Project Paper: Value;Chain Analysis, and the Unit 5 Individual Project Presentation: Value;Chain Assessment.The specific requirements for this;Unit 2 Project Discussion are listed below. This Unit 2 Project;Discussion offers the class an opportunity to share thoughts about how;each student will proceed on their own Unit 4 and Unit 5 Individual;Project assignments. In Unit 6, we will reconvene to review our Unit 5;assessment presentation and to bring closure to our Value Chain Analysis;and Assessment adventure.Requirements for the Unit 2 Project Discussion: Value Chain Analysis1. Identify your choice of a company.2. Explain why you chose it.3. Identify potential supportive, relevant resources you will use to complete yourIndividual Project Paper: Value Chain Analysis assignment in Unit 4 (possible160 pts).4. Explain why you chose these resources.5. Speculate on your expectations regarding the effectiveness of the company?svalue chain: will your Unit 5 Assessment presentation prove the company?s valuechain to be effective or ineffective?6. As always, be sure to follow the Discussion Guidelines as included in the courseSyllabus.Unit


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