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Question;NOTE: Meant for a discussion thread post. Stick to 300 words max. Thanks!!! The Demand Chain;A demand chain is an interconnected series of business;processes and activities designed so firms can understand, manage and;motivate customer demand in markets within the firm?s current and;potential capabilities and product range. If a firm does not understand;its demand chain, it is impossible for the firm to design an effective;supply chain. A value chain is essentially the demand chain plus the;supply chain. Although presented as two distinct areas for analysis, in;reality the demand chain and the supply chain must be harmonious;especially at the point of achieving the Value Proposition(refer to Figure 1.1 on page 19 of the Walters and Rainbird (2007) textbook for an illustration).;Required Reference Materials;For this discussion assignment it is required that at least;two resources from our Unit 2 reading be applied and cited, both within;the response and at the end of the response (using APA formatting).;The main purpose of this discussion assignment is to;demonstrate an understanding of a demand chain, in the student?s own;words and by applying and citing relevant supportive references. The;response should be based upon the student?s experience and the knowledge;gained from reading Unit 2?s assigned reading. The content should;include;An explanation of a demand chainAn identification of the constituent parts of a demand chainWhy a business should understand the constituent parts of their demand chainA description of how a demand chain is createdA description of how a demand chain can be beneficially usedAn example of a demand chain;Choose a Fortune 500 company (not on the GB570 project list) and describe its demand chain.The description should be supported by at least two;applied and cited references from the Unit 2 reading materials.;Additionally cite any other references used when creating the response;and apply APA style and formatting.


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