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SAINT GBA334 Application Assignment 8




Question;GBA 334 Application Assignment 8 Instructions;Application assignments require solving problems from the;textbook. Most of the;problems require that you use Excel QM. Some chapters will;require you to use POM;QM for Windows or TreePlan. The answers must be submitted to;the Dropbox in a;Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel file.;You must state your answers within a complete sentence so;that your understanding of;applying the results of the computations can be observed.;You should also include the;work for your computation, this will assist in applying;partial credit if your answers are;not correct.;Do not submit QM for Windows files as server security;policies do not allow many of;these files to be passed in the system. If you need to show;the QM work, either save as;an Excel file (a function within QM) or paste a screen;capture of the QM Entry Screen;before solving AND the QM result screen(s).;NOTE: QM files should not be sent through the online system.;If using QM for your;solution, run the file in QM and then copy and paste the;solution into a MS Excel file;(within QM there is an option tab at bottom of the screen to;save as MS Excel.) If you;cannot do this, with the QM solution file open on your;screen, select alt-print screen and;then paste the image into a MS Excel file.;If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to;contact your instructor. He or she;will be happy to assist.;For this module, you will complete the following problems;from the textbook: Chapter;12, page 569, Problem 11.;Submit Application Assignment 8 to the Dropbox no later than;Sunday 11:59 EST/EDT;of Module 8. Remember, the required formats are Microsoft;Word and Microsoft Excel.


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