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BUSN 444 Module 10 Assignment




Question;Homework Assignment #10Name: __________________________All calculations should be done in Word using Equation Editor and all charts and graphs shouldbe done in Excel.Usethefollowingscenariotoanswerthenext3questions.Cold Stone Creamery has recorded the demand for a particular flavor of ice cream during thefirst seven days of July. The results are as follows:July1234567Sales566463566859641) Predict the sales for the 8th day of July using a 5-day moving average.2) Predict the sales for the 8th day of July using a 3-day moving average3) Predict the sales for the 8th day of July using a weighted 3-day moving average with weights of.5,.4, and.1.Usethefollowingscenariotoanswerthenext3questions.The data below represent the findings from a study conducted at a factory that manufacturesfilm canisters. For 21 days, 500 film canisters were sampled and inspected. The following tablelists the number of defective film canisters for each day.Day#Nonconforming262523242620212723252226252920192319182728123456789101112131415161718192021Total4)Calculate the UCL and LCL.Proportion5) Construct a control p chart, are there any proportions outside the control limits? Paste charts from Excel below: 6) Is the process in a state of statistical control? Why?Usethefollowingscenariotoanswerthenext2questions.Analytics Tech. Inc. has developed the following sales forecasting model to help predict revenue(in thousands) in regards to how much is spent on advertising.Revenue = 123.5 + 2.3(Dollars), with a standard error of the estimate to be 31.2.7) How much revenue would you see if no money was spent on advertising? How much revenuewould you see if $250 was spent on advertising?8) What would the range (prediction/confidence interval) of this forecasting using two standarderrors of the estimate? Assuming that you spent $250 on advertising.


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